Provide Detailed Instructions

  • You can provide more than just a drawing to your players.
  • By providing detailed assignment text you give further instruction to reinforce the execution of each play with your players.
  • If your players have any doubt about their assignments they can remove all doubt by reading your exact instructions.

Download and Print Your Playbooks

  • Sometimes you just need a paper copy of your playbook, no problem you can download a PDF of your playbook and print it at any time.
  • We provide 3 formats for download:
  • 1 UP (Single play per page with assignment text).
  • 2 UP (2 plays per page, no text)
  • 8 UP (8 plays per page, no text)
  • If you share your playbooks with your team your players and/or parents can download and print their own copies as needed.
  • As of 07/25/2014 trial users will no longer have access to download PDFs for printing, the PDF generation is very resource intensive and we need to save these resources for paid members.

Reduce Work By Copying Playbooks

  • You can create entirely new copies of any of your playbooks.
  • This is a great tool for week to week game planning.
  • You can draw your base offense against no defense, then create a copy for each week of your season and add the opposing defenses to your copies, then you will have a customized version of your playbook for each opponent.

Copy Plays to save Time

  • You can save further time by copying plays within a playbook.
  • This is great for plays that are similar with minor differences
  • You could also use this to turn an "I Right" play into an "I Left" play by just copying your play and using the flip feature.
  • Another use could also be for game planning, within a single playbook you could draw the same play against multiple defenses or offenses.

Some "Flipping" Powerful Tools

  • To help save time you can create variations of existing plays by simply using our flip tools.
  • You can create copies of your play and then use the flip play tool to create the same play only flipped from right to left or left to right..
  • Flipping isn't just limited to plays, you can flip individual player's routes, so you can turn that POST route into a CORNER route with one click.

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