Create fully animated football plays without any extra effort using our playbook software.

Animate Your Football Plays in Tutorial Mode

  • Tutorial mode is a great learning tool for your players, it's just another way to reinforce the play's execution.
  • Your players spend more time on their "devices" than anything else, why not give them a way to study their football playbook that isn't "boring old" paper.
  • Tutorial mode requires no extra effort on your part, once you have drawn a play its automagically turned into an animated tutorial.
  • Another great use of tutorial mode is for game planning, you can add and remove different offenses or defenses to see how they would affect the execution of your play.

Video like Controls

  • You can control the animation with common controls, such as PLAY, STOP, GO FORWARD, GO BACKWARD and REWIND
  • You can also control the speed of the animation, to go full speed or slow it way down.

The best way to see the power of Tutorial Mode is to see it yourself.