Football Playbook Designer: Features

Basic Drawing Features

Draw Offensive plays, Defensive plays or Both.

Designed with flexiblity in mind, our software allows you to draw your plays in a variety of ways.

  • Offense Only
  • Defense Only
  • Offense Vs. Defense
  • Defense Vs. Offense
Create offensive football plays Create defensive football plays Draw your plays against an opposing offense or defense

Use Preset or Custom Formations.

With our built-in FORMATION MANAGER you can build a play using one of the included preset formations, or you can build your own custom formation to use in your playbooks.

This gives you complete control over how a play is draw and allows you to draw it up EXACTLY how you want it run on gameday..

Some of the included formations:

  • I Formation
  • Pro Formation
  • Wing T Formation
  • Singleback Formation
  • And more...
  • Create Your Own
Organize your offensive and defensive formations easily. It is very easy to create a new formation Edit or Create a new Formation with just a few mouse clicks

Customize Everything

Make each playbook yours by having full control over every detail. You can customize the player labels, player types, player route colors and more..

You can choose from several field backgrounds, such as the realistic looking color field, a greyscaled version of the field or a black and white version..

Choose the LOS (line of scrimmage) for the play, so you can choose to draw a goaline play or elsewhere on the field. The software also prevents you from drawing illegal formations by insuring you maintain 7 players on the line.

  • Color Field
  • Greyscale
  • Blank Field
  • Adjust Line of Scrimmage
Set player properties such as label, assignment text, player type and line color and styles. Use a blank background field Use a greyscale field image.
  • Customize Player Labels
  • Set Player Types
  • Adjustable Route Colors
  • Multiple Line Styles
  • Adjust player speed
  • And More...

Easy to use line drawing tools

You do not have to be an artist or computer guru to draw your routes for each play. All you need to be able to do is click your mouse and drag it around the screen and you will be able to draw precise lines with minimal effort.

You have the flexiblity to draw straight or curved lines and each player's route may use both.

In addition each player's route may have multiple line segements which will allow you to draw secondary or optional routes for any player.

To make things even easier for you, we have added a variety of preset routes for each player. So instead of manually drawing the route you can choose a preset route for common tasks.

Preset routes are based on the player type, so for example a lineman will have preset blocking routes, while a receiver will have preset pass routes.

  • Draw lines with simply the click of a mouse.
  • Preset Routes for all player types
  • Offensive Blocking
  • Pass Routes
Use our library of preset routes, such as common blocking schemes, pass routes and more. Using our custom route tool you can draw any route.
  • Defensive Coverages
  • Pre snap motion routes
  • Multiple routes for each player, allows for optional secondary routes/

Animated Playbook Features

Built-in Tutorial for Each Play

Once you draw a play you have also created an Animated Tutorial of your football play. This requires no extra effort on your part as the software automatically handles this while you draw your play.

With each animated football play, your players and coaching staff can:

  • Watch each individual player's execution.
  • Watch the execution of the entire play at once.
  • Watch your offensive play in action versus a defense or visa versa.

All of this with NO extra effort once you have drawn the play.

Create animated football plays with no extra effort, you draw the play, our software animates it.

Hear the player assignment text.

Using a built-in TTS (Text-to-Speech) engine, our software can read the player's assignment out loud to the player while watching the execution live on screen.

While this technology is experimental and a work in progress we do not charge you one extra penny for it, we included because we think it will help players better understand the play, even if a little rough around the edges..

While there is no subsitute for good hands on coaching, this ability gives your players an invaluable tool for learning their playbooks.

Adjustable Player Speeds

While each animated play tutorial is created automatically, you can adjust the player's relative speed.

You can adjust the player's speed on a scale of 1 (slowest) to 10 (fastest) so that linemen are moving at a slower rate than receivers.

This also comes in handy if you need a player to "slow play" or delay, regardless of position.

This adds to the learning effectiveness because it becomes more realistic to your players.

Adjust player animated speed settings to make the animated plays flow more realistically

The Take Home Coach

The simple fact of the matter is you are only with your players a few hours per week, and you have a lot more things to accomplish during practice than making sure every player understands the play as an individual. Part of the player's responsibility and that of the player's parents (at the youth level) is to do some at home studying.

There is no better study aid for your players than to watch an animated play tutorial of the play drawn EXACTLY how you want it to be run.

While copies of your playbook stapled and distributed to each player is better than nothing, it cannot compare to seeing and hearing the execution of the play, and at any time, without YOU being there.

ANY playbook you design and share will have this ability so there is no reason not to use it.

Playbook Printing Features

Print it Your Way

Once you have drawn your plays and entered player assignment text you have a variety of print options available to you.

Featuring 6 different print layouts options:

  • 1-UP Full Color (1 play w/text per page)
  • 1-UP Greyscaled (1 play w/text per page)
  • 1-UP No field w/color routes
  • 1-UP Black and White
  • 4-UP w/color routes (4 plays per page, no text)
  • 4-UP Black and White

In addition you have the option to include "Coaches Notes" in your prints, or exclude them if you do not wish for players to see them.

Works with any printer connected to your computer.

Print one play per page (1-UP) in full color Print 4 plays per page (4-UP)

YOU don't have to print

While you probably have not reviewed all of the Playbook Sharing features yet, it should be mentioned here that by sharing your playbook with your players, you can save on printing, both time and cost..

How can you save on printing?

  • Players/Parents can print copies of their own from home.
  • Player's may not choose to use a printed copy, but review the playbooks on their computer and utilize the Tutorial Mode for studying.
  • This drastically limits the number of copies you will need to make, sort, staple and distribute.
  • NO Lost playbooks, if players do not need a printed copy there is nothing to lose.
  • While the option to print is always there, you don't have to.
  • It's good for the enviroment to save paper by reducing the number of printed copies.

Playbook Sharing Features

Multiple Sharing Options

Depending on your personal preference there are several options available to you to share your playbooks with your team and coaching staff.

Some of the methods you may already be familiar with, other may be entirely new concepts to you, but we will guide you every step of the way.

So what are your playbook sharing options?

  • Exporting Playbook File and Manually Sharing It.
  • Exporting Playbook File and e-mailing to players/coaches.
  • Online Playbook Sharing

You may be wondering how your players and coaching staff will be able to view your playbooks?

It's actually very simple because we offer a FREE Playbook Reader application that can be downloaded by anyone, which will allow them to view your playbook, run the animated tutorial mode and print copies of the playbook.

There is no other football playbook design software that offers a FREE reader version for sharing playbooks, so the "other guys" require anyone who wishes to simply view a playbook to purchase the software to do so, NOT US, viewing playbooks you design is FREE and will always be FREE.

Share your playbooks with e-mail.

While also very easy, it is also limited.

At some point, probably often, you send e-mails with attached files such as work documents, or family vacation photos. This is the same process, except you are e-mailing a football playbook instead.


  • Quick and Easy.
  • A familiar process or way of sharing files.
  • Not really anything new to learn.
  • Can send a single e-mail to multiple users at once, thus saving you time.
  • Available at any time, from anywhere


  • If you make changes to the playbook you will have to repeat the entire process over again.
  • Limited on means to confirm if someone received the playbook, and cannot prevent the end users from sharing with others without your permission.

While slightly more convenient than the manual option, it has its own potential drawbacks, but the choice is yours and available to you.

Manual File Sharing

While the easiest method, it is also somewhat limited.

You have probably at some point shared a file with someone, such as a Word document or a spreadsheet. You probably saved it to a USB drive, or floppy disk (back in the day), CD, etc.., and you give this file to someone else.


  • Quick and Easy.
  • A familiar process or way of sharing files.
  • Not really anything new to learn.
  • Ideal for sharing with 1-3 people.


  • Can become very time consuming if you need to share with more than a few people.
  • If you make changes to the playbook you will have to repeat the entire process over again.

While nothing fancy or new here, it gets the job done in the right situation and is available to you as an option to share your playbooks.

Share Your Playbooks Online

Our favorite and most powerful option.

The option to share your playbooks online gives you the ability to UPLOAD your playbook to our servers and have your players automatically download the playbooks you have given them permission to view.

So how does this work?

  1. Create a Team using your online control panel.
  2. Add players and coaches to your team roster.
  3. Upload playbooks and assign to team of your choice.
  4. All members of the team will be notified of the new playbook and it will automatically be downloaded for them.
Create a new team using our Team Manager Add Players, Parents and even coaching staff to your roster Upload and assign playbooks to your teams.


  • Allows you to easily share your playbooks with a large number of players and even multiple team rosters.
  • Players and Coaches automatically download the playbook by simply running the FREE CoachYouths Playbook Reader.
  • You control EXACTLY who views each playbook.
  • If you need to make changes to a playbook, you can upload a new version and your team members will automatically be updated, with no additional effort by you.
  • Harnesses the power of the internet to help you distribute your playbooks to anyone, anywhere at anytime.


  • Takes a few minutes to setup your team and add players and staff to roster.
  • A small learning curve, but nothing harder than using this website.

This is truly the best option for most coaches as it allows them to fully harness the power of playbook sharing.

No other youth football playbook designer on the market has this level of player sharing and team management built in.

Team Management Features

Create and Manage Team Rosters

While not exactly part of other playbook design softwares, we have included team and roster management tools to make your job as a coach that much easier.

These tools allow you to:

  • Create and Manage UNLIMITED Teams.
  • Upload Your Playbooks and Assign to Teams for Sharing.
  • Assign Roles to Team Members, such as "Player", "Parent", or "Asst. Coach".
  • Invite members to join your teams (an e-mail is automatically sent with sign-up instructions).
  • Communicate with Team Members.

While just a basic set of tools that every coach needs, these tools are also vital to helping you share your playbooks with your entire team, quickly and easily.

And there is NO additional charge to use the team management tools.

Stay in touch with your team.

Keeping in constant contact with your player's, the parents of your players and your coaching staff can be a time consuming task.

But not with our FREE roster management tools, you can send messages to your entire roster, or specific groups. It is FREE to use and it keeps records of all communication with your team in one place, that can be accessed from anywhere via the internet.

Typical examples of usage include:

  • Practice Time/Location Announcements.
  • Performance Feedback after gameday.
  • Organizing end of season awards banquets.
  • Organizing transportation for any team travel.
  • Staying in touch during the offseason (If allowed by league rules).
  • And many other uses..

Playbook Management Features

Playbook Library.

Keeping your playbooks organized has been made very simple by our built-in "My Library" feature. No worrying about where to save a playbook to, or wasted time trying to remember what folder you saved your playbook to..

With the My Library feature of Football Playbook Designer 2011 your playbooks are automatically organized, saved in a specific location and available from with the designer software each time you launch the software..

If more than one person designs playbooks on the same computer that is also no problem, as each users playbooks are kept in a seperate secure folder and only accessible by that user. This is possible because you have to provide your username and password to login to the software.

Importing, Exporting and Uploading.

What if your assistant coach designs a playbook and wants you to review it and make any changes before distributing to your players, how do you do that?.

It's actual very simple:

  1. Playbook is EXPORTED by user who created playbook.
  2. User that needs to review or make changes will then IMPORT the playbook file into their own library.
  3. Once imported it becomes part of the users library and can be viewed or edited.

If I upload a playbook for sharing with my team, can members of the team make changes to the playbook?

NO, playbooks that are shared online with your team are READ-ONLY and cannot be edited by anyone but you. Your team members will be able to view, print and run the animated tutorial mode, but not make changes..

Tech Specs

Available for any Computer, PC or Mac.

We have gone to great effort to make Football Playbook Designer 2011 available to as many users as possible, therefore it is fully compatible will Windows, Mac (available 06/15/2011) and Linux.

This is possible because the application was built using Java, which is cross-platform capable, with the only requirement being that a Java Runtime be installed

Most modern operating system already have this installed, but don't worry if it's not our installer will make sure it gets installed, making the installation a stress free experience.

System Requirements

  1. Atleast (1)1.3 Ghz Processor or better
  2. 500mb of available RAM memory.
  3. Display Capable of 1024x768 and 32-bit color
  4. Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7
  5. Or, Apple Os X (available soon)
  6. Java Runtime 1.6
  7. High Speed Internet Connection (DSL or Cable)